Monday, November 9, 2009

The Silver Seas

Music can be intense. Filled with emotion and heavy hearts from artists who have a therapeutic outlet in the music they write. There is a time when I enjoy that music but sometimes I just need something happy and carefree. The Silver Seas are one of the bands I go to when I need that kind of music. Their music tells a story and I feel like I’m listening to a classic tune even though they are a new band.

The Silver Seas started out as The Bees (U.S.) but due the fact that there was a UK band with the same name they decided to change it with the release of their second album, High Society in 2006. Their first album, Starry Gazey Pie was released in 2004 under their original name. All the tracks featured are from that first album so when searching iTunes you have to look under The Bees or join Brite Revolution where they have been posting their older tunes. The band is working towards releasing their new album this year titled Chateau Revenge.

The band comes out of Nashville, TN and consists of four members. Daniel Tashian is lead vocals and guitar. Jason Lehning is piano and backing vocals. John Deaderick is electric bass and David Gehrke is on the drums as well as backing vocals. I don’t have an exact date for their new album but you can grab their first two on iTunes as well as on Brite Revolution. Hope you enjoyed this week’s feature!!


Jennifer Lynn said...

So, these might be my favorite favorite artists that you've posted since I've been reading. They remind me a bit of, dare I say, The Beatles? (I'm sure that you and music savvy individuals everywhere are laughing at that comparison.)

I put your blog on the home page of my new site and am gonna Tweet about this entry right now!

Lemonade Makin' Mama said...

What an absolutely cool blog! I have never seen a blog dedicated to music before! Love it!

Thanks for visiting me girl!

Joe said...

There's actually an album that's newer than the one you posted called "High Society" - even that album is about 2 years old. A BRAND NEW ALBUM is coming out in a few months. It's called "Chateu Revenge", it's done!

Petergaye S. Kisielewicz/ Yahgie said...

I love your blog. So very cute.

Roberta said...

Just wanted to say hello and stop by and see your blog. As a participating member of Handmade Holiday sponsored by Frenchie and Flea, I've added a link to your blog on my blog…so come visit when you can. Fondly, Roberta