Monday, November 16, 2009

Andy Davis

This week’s featured artist wasn’t on the schedule for this week but after seeing him live Friday night at the Hotel Café in Hollywood I couldn’t resist. Andy Davis has quickly become one of my favorite artists coming out of Nashville and there are so many talented artists trying to make it in Music City. Andy is another Brite Revolution find (I swear I don’t work for Brite but I’m starting to think I should!) and they are supplying two exclusive tracks each month. At his concert he performed several new tracks that Andy hasn’t made available yet but guess what? I have them complements of Brite. If you haven’t signed up for a Brite Revolution subscription I would highly recommend it.

Andy Davis is a powerful performer and it was all I could do to resist dancing during his show but I was afraid I might embarrass my friends. He started off the concert behind the keyboard then switched to the acoustic guitar but it was behind the keyboard that Andy was really shining. He was absolutely electric on the keys and his stool could not contain him. It was so much fun watching him perform. After the concert he came out and made the rounds meeting people and I got the chance to introduce myself and wanted to ask for a picture with him but I felt like a dork asking even though everyone else was doing it too. I regret not asking but I can’t change that now. Oh well…

Andy Davis comes from a musical family in Baton Rouge where his dad played guitar and his mother played the piano (now I know where he got his multiple talents). Andy moved to Nashville for college and started writing songs and performing and had such a great response from friends and was later asked to open for his friend Dave Barnes (another favorite of mine). His homemade CDs were doing tremendously well and Andy caught the attention of Runway Network who helped him release a newly mixed version of his first recording titled, Thinks of Her. Andy’s most recent album, Let The Woman, is where all but one of the tracks on the playlist are from. "Chicago, City of Shoulders" is from his EP Fine China.

All of Andy’s albums are available on iTunes and Amazon. You’ll find a better deal on Amazon and they have a simple downloading tool that will put the music and artwork straight into your iTunes library.

Also I would highly recommend this video of Andy covering Etta James’ “At Last” in what appears to be and impromptu shoot in a stairwell. I was completely rapture by this version of one of the greatest love songs of all time.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s artist. Let me know what you think of Andy’s music. Also I promise next week to feature an artist not from Brite Revolution. Happy Monday!

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