Monday, June 28, 2010


Full write up to follow but I thought I should at least get the music up here for you all to listen to since that is the most important part.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Ellen Kibble

There is a whole world of music. Every country has a unique style and sound but music as everyone knows is the universal language. Cliché but true and that is probably one of the many reasons I love music so much. I have featured artists from England, Norway, Ireland, Scotland and now my favorite country, Australia! One side of my family is Australian so I’m an Aussie at heart. Diving into the Australian music scene is something I have wanted to do for some time and we start of with the young artist Ellen Kibble of Melbourne, Australia.

Ellen Kibble was a great find on by just searching for Australian artists. You can purchase her Calvary EP for just over $4 USD. She is a very new artist trying to make a name for herself in Australia and has a very similar sound to another Aussie artist, Missy Higgins, who has made some waves in the U.S. According to her website her rocking chair is her favorite place to write music where she writes songs that are simple, and beautiful acoustic folk storytelling. She apparently is just a down home girl who isn’t afraid to talk back to hecklers at her shows. Then again what Australian isn’t?

Listening to Ellen’s music just makes me want to transport to some dimly lit pub in Australia with friends where she is playing live in the corner. If you are interested in buying Ellen’s music you’ll have to purchase it from Bandcamp as it is the only place where it is available in the U.S. Link provided below.

I hope you have enjoyed this little journey to the land down under. Make sure to leave your comments below with what you think of Ellen’s music and show your support if you are enjoying it and purchase her EP! Have a wonderful week!

Photos by Rachel Cook

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Citizen Cope

Lazy summer nights. I remember having so many warm nights with nothing to do but spend time with friends. Now that I have a job and adult responsibilities those nights are fewer. There is some music that reminds me of those nights. Back in college Jack Johnson and Coldplay were a part of my soundtrack but now I have a new artist who, every time I listen to his music, makes me feel like I’m living in a lazy summer night. Citizen Cope is an artist I have grown to love more and more as I hear his music. The first song I heard was his track “Sideways.” The track moved me so much I purchased it right away and played it on repeat. I love it so much it’s the first song I have picked to learn with my guitar instructor who is helping me become a better player.

Citizen Cope is the pseudonym of Clarence Greenwood who is a song-writer, guitarist, singer, and producer among many other things who got his start as a DJ. Born in Washington DC Citizen Cope now resides in Brooklyn, New York. I have been quite surprised lately how few people have heard of him, particularly in my circle of musicians and industry professionals but I am hoping that will change very soon. He recently performed on Ellen and has become one of her favorite new artist. Citizen Cope blends so many different styles of music to create his unique style. A little blues, folk, hip hop, rock and R&B all mixed together showing themselves in his different songs.

Citizen Cope seems to change record labels as often as I change purses and has finally settled on his own label. Citizen Cope seems like someone who would not settle for a label making creative decisions for him or controlling his ideas so the best solution for that is to start your own label. He has released five albums including a recent release, The Rainwater LP, this past February. You can get a great deal on Amazon and download the new album for only $5.99!

His music is a great music to have on as you are out by the pool or just relaxing outside with friends and family. His music speaks of social issues and our current culture as well as your standard love and lost tunes. I can’t seem to get enough of Citizen Cope and I truly hope you feel the same after sampling a few tracks here.

I love comments so let me know what you think below and be sure to check out his website and myspace for more songs and information such as tours and news. The blog name contest is still open so be sure to check it out and share your ideas for a chance to win an iTunes gift card.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Jenny & Tyler

Summer is finally here and my uber-white winter skin is finally showing some signs of a tan. Summer brings a whole new soundtrack to me as the mood is much different then winter or fall. This week’s new duo, Jenny & Tyler, is starting off the summer playlist. This young married couple met on a bus ride from their college (University of Deleware) to church in 2004 and almost immediately started writing music together. Several years later they were married, released their first album and were officially a duo.

After releasing their first album, A Prelude, in 2007 they decided to move to Nashville, TN to pursue their music career even further. This cute couple has a fresh and authentic sound that really shows their personality and heart. Jenny & Tyler have combined their individual styles of Jazz, bluegrass, pop and country to create their own unique sound. They released a second album in 2009 titled, This Isn’t A Dream and will be releasing a third album this fall.

This music is welcoming, friendly, and warm as well as deep. Many of their tracks explore the depths of our world, like their track, “Product Of Culture” about a girl who seeks love and affirmation in all the wrong places. Their track, “One Eyed Cat” is a whimsical song about the compromises and changes made when you fall in love. Jenny & Tyler will be a great addition to your summer playlist. So don’t forget to put of your sandals, wear your sun block, drink lots of water because summer is hear!!

Don't forget to check out last week's giveaway post. Help me come up with a new name for my blog and win an iTunes giftcard. Contest will stay open until I give notice that it will be closed. I want to give you all plenty of time to use your creativity. Thanks all!