Monday, November 30, 2009

Erin McCarley

It has amazed me lately the community of artists in Nashville. Everyone seems to know everyone but not only that they collaborate, tour together, co-write songs together and are each others back up for shows. I realized this while researching this weeks artist, Erin McCarley. The first song of Erin’s I heard was “Pitter-Pat” on an amazing mixed CD a friend made me and I loved it immediately.

Click on the player below to hear some of Erin's tracks.

As I looked into this artist I discovered that she is also basing herself out of Nashville as are many of the other artists featured here. Not only that but she is buddies with them! As I was watching a video of her performance on Craig Ferguson I recognized Matthew Perryman Jones on the guitar, K.S. Rhoads (soon to be featured here) on keyboard and possibly Andy Davis on the keys as well but there wasn’t a clear shot of him but he wore the same hat Andy seems to always wear and had the same moves I saw in him live. Erin also co-wrote one of her songs with Greg Laswell, another one of our features here.

Erin is currently touring with Ten out of Tenn which is a group that does a collaborative tour with Nashville artist such as Joy Williams, Andy Davis, Andrew Belle, Griffin House, Matthew Perryman Jones and Katie Herceg. Do those names sound familiar? They should because they have all been featured on this blog. All these artist and many more cycle through the tour so they are not all performing at once. It is an ever-changing collaboration and they are coming to Los Angeles tomorrow and I sadly will not be able to attend.

Before Erin started pursuing a career as singer/songwriter she was a sheltered girl from Dallas, Texas who was given a quick awakening to the ways of the world after she left the comforts of her safe family environment. Erin started out as just a singer but later discovered her skills in song writing while living in San Diego. She decided to take her career to the next level and moved herself to Nashville with all the many aspiring artists there. She has been setting herself above the rest making waves at the South By Southwest conference last year and has had her songs featured on several hit TV shows such as Grey’s Anatomy (known for his great song choices), One Tree Hill, Kyle XY and several others.

Erin McCarley released her debut album, Love, Save The Empty last winter and the title track was featured in the film He’s Just Not That Into You and was the only song from the soundtrack that was given a music video to go along with the film. You can check out the full album on iTunes and Amazon.


I hope you enjoyed the feature this week after the unplanned break last week do to technical difficulties with the flash player. Let me know what you think of this week’s artist and remember I love comments! Hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Here is a little taste of mine. This was the view I got to wake up to every morning in Lake Tahoe.


kabra* said...

thanks for introducing me to erin! i just got her album and LOVE IT!!!! keep up the good work!
p.s.....i wish I had the guts to move to nashville to be a singer/songwriter! maybe one day... said...

i just bought her cd thanks to you :)

Farmgirl Paints said...

So glad you mentioned her. Thanks to you she's been added to my playlist:)