Monday, November 23, 2009

Flash Player Meltdown

UPDATE!! Thanks to my good friend Aaron, who is my savior when it comes to computers and all things technology related, I now have a new flash player system!! Of course the old one came back but too late, I'm done with you disappearing player!! Working on changing them all over now and will have a new artist next week. Happy Thanksgiving! I'm thankful for all of you!

Well I don't know what happened but the flash player I have been using has disappeared off the internet like some illegal drug scam. The website doesn't exist anymore and all the players on my previous posts are gone!!

So now I'm on the hunt for another system and will have to redo all my previous posts. Let me know if you have some suggestions.

In the mean time enjoy some music off the old player and check out the free music downloads when you tell 5 friends or pay what you want. Joy Williams has a Christmas EP! I'm so excited!

On a side note: I should have know this was going to be an interesting day when I almost walked out of the house holding one running shoe instead of my water bottle... 


Frustrated with technology Mary


craftygal86 said...

oh no! I can imagine your frustration! Hope it works out and you can find something that works even better. Sorry, I don't have any suggestions for you.

Jennifer Lynn said...

That is so frustrating, Mary! I'm so sorry!!! I'll see if anyone at work knows... I do work for a tech site, after all! =) Hope you're having a good week despite this glitch.