Monday, July 14, 2014

Just a taste...

Well, I know its been a while since I've posted but I've finished my music program and plan on coming back at you in full force with some great new music! Don't get too excited yet as I'm going on vacation (or holiday as they say here in London) for the next three weeks. In the mean time here's just a little taste of what I've been listening to on repeat the last few months.

Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes are no strangers to this blog but they have a new album out that is absolutely fantastic so make sure to go out and check out the rest of the tracks. Here is the single, Sun Goes Out. 

This next artist was introduced to me when a friend posted a picture of the album cover with the caption, "HOW COME NOBODY TOLD ME?" After giving Among Savages a listen I wondered the same thing!! Here is the title track from their album.

And of course a little Nickel Creek. How can I not? I'm just hoping they bring their new tour to London!!

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