Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Johnnyswim - Heart Beats

Don't you just hate it when people are incredibly talented musicians, really attractive and all around good human beings?? Nah, me either. Johnnyswim is just that. This gorgeously talented husband and wife duo are out in the world making it a better place with great music and hearts of gold.

This is a great video for their single Heart Beats which also doubles as a Estee Lauder perfume commercial. Well, it could if it wanted to...

Remember that time they went to an orphanage in India to visit all the ridiculously adorable kids and played music for them? See? Hearts of gold.

Aren't those kids just the cutest? And so proud to show their artwork to someone?? My heart.

Hope you enjoyed this beautiful music from Johnnyswim! Make sure to support and buy their music if you did!!

Visit their website and Facebook page to learn more!

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