Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Paolo Nutini's New Album!

The Scotsman named Paolo has a new album out and its a goodie! I first heard Paolo Nutini back when I was working at WMG and quickly became a fan of his music. This new album is definitely my favorite of his releases. His voice has such great grit and soul. Give it a listen on Spotify and if you like it make sure to buy a copy! Its only out in the UK at the moment but I'm sure the U.S. and rest of the world will shortly follow. There is an EP available with a few of the new tracks in the U.S. iTunes store.


 There's even a new video for the track Scream (Funk My Life Up). Its got some great scenes of Los Angeles (tear) and I'm going to be honest and tell you all that I kind of really want one of those leotards with the tinsel sleeves...


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