Monday, March 22, 2010

Seth Philpott

Growing up I listened to the typical pop music that my peers listened to. Since my parents weren’t music people they didn’t introduce me to any of the classics so I fell into what everyone else was listening to. It wasn’t until late college that my taste for independent music took charge. I honestly don’t remember what started it or how my love of music developed really developed but I think it was just a sweet gift from God. When the time comes for me to have kids I absolutely can’t wait to give them their musical education. I hear a difference in the artists who grew up listening to really good music because they have learned from it and pulled parts of it for their own music. This week’s artist, Seth Philpott, grew up listening to artists like Willie Nelson, Otis Redding, Harry Connick Jr. and Van Morrison. Once you here Seth’s music you can hear those influences.

Seth Philpott grew up in Texas and now resides in Nashville, TN pursuing his music career. His first release, Good Hearts, came out this past November. You can pick up this 6-track release on iTunes or for just under $6. I’ve been getting his music from Brite Revolution which is the only place you will find his tracks, “Nashville” and “Still” which happen to be my two favorite tracks. All the more reason to join Brite. His music is full of heart break and love. Some intense and emotional like “Still” and others like “Heartbreaker” are a little more upbeat and fun, all showing off his soulful voice and honest music writing.

Seth doesn’t have any tour dates released right now but I can only hope that he is using this time to work on more of his music. He seems to be a part of that great Nashville community of artists and has played with Andy Davis, another soulful artist from Nashville previously featured on MMM.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s featured artist. If you’ve enjoyed his music be sure to let me know what you think in the comments and check out his music on iTunes or Amazon.

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