Monday, January 4, 2010

Madi Diaz

So this week I tried to pick an artist who was not from Nashville. I failed… Madi Diaz was a find one random day perusing through iTunes for new music. Once I started researching her for this feature not only did I discover that she is setting up shop in Nashville but she is currently touring with Ten Out Of Tenn. TOT has been mentioned here before and it just proves what a small world it really is. Everyone knows everyone it seems!

Madi is from Lancaster, PA and met her collaborator Kyle Ryan while at Berklee College of Music in Boston. The two have been working together ever since and now call Nashville home and have been doing very well for themselves in Music City. The pair released an album titled, Skin and Bone back in 2007 and an EP titled Ten Gun Salute in 2008. The EP has a much different sound then the album and I am liking the new direction much better. The new sound is entering the world of indie pop and I cannot wait to hear more.

Hope you enjoy this week’s feature! Happy New Year everyone! I’m so excited for 2010 and all the new things this year will bring. Including all the new music to come!!


Stephanie said...

Love her! I need to start making lists of all these artists you post! I still haven't spent my iTunes gift card... I just can't decide what I want with all the fantastic choices! I need to just spend some time on your site and making a playlist of the songs I like most.

Happy New Year! Thanks again for the work you put into the site; I appreciate listening to the music, especially because I wouldn't know where to start to find it on my own :)

LetMeLikeIt said...

Lovely blog,
You might like mine as well, we like the same kind of artists