Tuesday, December 29, 2009


I’m always trying to stretch myself in terms of my music taste. I do this so I’m open to new genres of music that I just might end up loving. As you can probably tell if you follow my blog, acoustic pop folk is my favorite genre right now but sometimes I need something a little heavier. When I do I usually listen to Mutemath, Muse, The Raconteurs and now Milktooth, this week’s featured band.

Milktooth’s lead singer, David Condos, was having a successful solo career releasing two albums but in 2009 he decided to join with his friends, Ian Leach, Noah Denney, and Michael Ford Jr. and form a band. What resulted was a little rock, a little indie pop and a little folk. Just in the last year they have released two EPs. In June they released a self-titled 6 track EP available on iTunes & Amazon as well as a 3 track EP Halloween in Santa Anna in October.

This is another band out of Nashville showing the city’s diverse indie music scene. Milktooth has only emerged this last year and is gaining a following in the Midwest and I’m hoping they spread out to the west coast. I have a feeling they put on an amazing live show. They along with Andrew Belle and Lórien have all recently had tracks featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Which considering the show's ratings could be a pretty good thing for these artists.

These guys are pretty new and I’m sure they value every new fan so share them and this blog with your friends and family. New artist need as much help and support as they can get these days so if you are enjoying the music make sure you go buy some of their tracks. This site is meant to help support the local independent artists.

Happy New Years all!! I can’t wait for this new year and all the new artists I’m going to find and share with you all!!

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