Monday, January 11, 2010

Perrin Lamb

I really enjoy being able to give you all a detailed bio of the artists or bands featured here. Though I’ve been discovering that with really new artists there isn’t much info out there. Some of them are so new that they don’t have a whole lot to tell yet. This week’s artist, Perrin Lamb, comes out of Nashville, TN and has released several EPs but no full-length album yet. I looked everywhere for information on Lamb and was only able to find a little something on Lamb has teamed up with them and has released his third EP Sometimes At Night exclusively on Brite. Which is one of many reason I would recommend for you all to join. The three tracks featured here are from the new EP. His first two EPs, Be This Way (2007) and Feels Like Home (2008) are available on iTunes and Amazon.

Lamb is a young husband and father to a beautiful wife and baby girl. His songs reflect the hard life of pursuing a career in music, supporting a family and living life. He was raised in Mississippi and is now setting up shop in Nashville joining the community of new artists and songwriters. Lamb has had his songs featured on several shows such as Army wives, Kyle XY, Grey’s Anatomy, the Real World, and The Hills.

I’m sure his new EP will be made available at some point on iTunes but in the mean time check out his previous two releases. Hope you enjoyed this week's new artist!

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