Monday, December 21, 2009

Tis The Season For New Music! Falalalalala!

I have some great friends. Have I ever mentioned that? During this holiday season I am reminded how blessed I am to not only have so many amazing friends but ones who love music like I do. My friend Valery sent an email out a few weeks back to myself and several music lovers about Christmas music. She was looking for suggestions and wanted to share her favorites with us:

“Hey Music lovers~
Every year (the husband) and I go on a hunt for the perfect Christmas soundtrack(s). Each year I find that my taste changes just a bit and this year I found that I am leaning a little more modern/funky and a little less cheery/traditional. However I have Christmas music on constantly which requires me to have a few different CD’s to switch through. It’s hard to find good stuff!! So I was just thinking since I am always searching for fabulous Christmas music, others might be as well.” ~ Valery

I of course loved this idea of sharing our Christmas favorites and so did several others. Valery has made me some amazing mixed CDsfor me so I know I'lllove her suggestions! Here is what we came up with!

-The Hotel Café presents: Winter Songs. This CD is the bomb, however not traditional so might not be loved by all. It features Sara Bareilles, Brandi Carlile, Lenka, Fiona Apple, Kate Havnevik: are you excited already or what?!? Every song is awesome except #5 Silver Bells by Alice Smith- the last few minutes of the song are soo off key I grimace every time I hear it.
-Christmas Eclectic. Really fun tecno/drum/base beats. AH-mazing!
-Kohala Christmas: This is Hawaiian instrumental. SO beautiful. (Allegra introduced me to this band when i started doing massage... they are wonderful and chill)
-Ella Fitzgerald Wishes You a Swinging Christmas. Ella: Enough said.
-Holiday Dinner Party Music by the Santa Ana Players. Traditional but not too cheese.
-Ultra-Lounge: Christmas Cocktails (1&2). Makes me wanna have a christmas dinner party NOW!

Allegra of Frenchie & Flea
I'm a freakishly huge fan of Rosie Thomas's Christmas CD and as a Christmas classic for fond memories in my heart, Amy Grant's Tennessee Christmas album :)

Jennifer of The Style Geek:
- Michael Buble Let it Snow EP
- Sarah McLachlan- Wintersong
- Amy Grant- Home for Christmas
- Kenny G- Miracles

Mary of… well you know where I’m from:

Some of my favorites have already been listed. Sarah McLachlan’s Wintersong is an album I could listen to all year long it is so good. Anything Michael Buble releases I love because he’s my main man (in my dreams) as well as Rosie Thomas who can never miss in my mind. Some other favorites both new and old are:

- Nat King Cole – His Christmas album is legendary and his voice that sounds like butter (if butter could sing) made “The Christmas Song” famous. This album is probably my all time favorite.
- Holiday Noise Vol 1-3 is a collection of holiday tunes by various Nashville artists.
- A Fine Frenzy Oh, Blue Christmas EP is the perfect collection of holiday songs and holiday themed songs with a broken heart center.
- Josh Groban’s Noel was the highest selling album of 2008 and even if you don’t favor his music style his duet with Brian McKnight is amazing.
- There are a couple other favorite artists such as Joy Williams and Mindy Smith who have some great Christmas music as well so I've included them in a Christmas music playlist for all of you to enjoy this season.

Free Music Alert!!!
Every day in December until the 25th Amazon is putting up a free Christmas song to download. You can still get all the previous releases. Who doesn’t love free music!! You can even get Joy William’s Christmas EP for free if you tell 5 friends (link is in the right hand column).

Merry Christmas Everyone!! May you have a blessed and safe Christmas. 

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