Monday, August 17, 2009

The Weepies

The first time I heard The Weepies was on the television show Dirty Sexy Money, which was sadly canceled by ABC last season (but that’s a whole other blog). In one particular episode, there is a guy and a girl (as there usually is) who have a secret love affair. The girl loves The Weepies and the boy, who is very rich, brings in The Weepies to do a private performance for the lovebirds since they cannot risk being seen in public. It was such a sweet scene seeing the girl’s face as she opens up the door to her favorite band who then proceed to play “Somebody Loved” and the couple dance together in a moment so romantic every girl wished her guy or some guy would do that for her. That was my first experience with The Weepies, and as a hopeless romantic myself I quickly went to purchase the love song and many others.

Love is a recurring theme with The Weepies who are themselves a boy and a girl who met, made beautiful music together, fell in love, got married, had a baby and then made more beautiful music. Deb Talen and Steve Tannen were both pursuing solo music careers in 2001 when they met at one of Tannen’s shows. They released their first album together as The Weepies in 2003 titled Happiness—maybe a little reflection of what they were finding in each other. It was their next album though that set their career in motion when they released Say I Am You on Nettwerk Records in 2006. Their album topped the folk charts in eight different countries and appeared in quite a few television shows and feature films. They spent the next year touring with the Hotel Café tour and playing at several festivals in Ireland and Germany.

When Deb and Steve finally returned to their home in Topanga, CA they were exhausted but they didn’t waste any time before they were getting married and having their son Theo in 2007 then releasing their most current album, Hideaway, in 2008. Throw in a little appearance on Dirty Sexy Money and you’ve got quite an exciting year. This past April Deb and Steve started recording their next album with a release date that is TBD.

Folk music has become one of my top three favorites genres of music in the last two years. Although when I tell people I love folk they assume I mean anything with a banjo. While I do love a good banjo it’s the pop folk that I love and thanks to The Weepies I now know what to call it. Make it indie pop folk and its even better.

I hope you enjoyed this week’s pick as much as I do. Please leave your comments on what you think of the music as I would love to hear your thoughts. Over the next few weeks I’m going to be trying out a new music player for the page because I am being a little restricted on the music has available. The new player is a little less user friendly for me but we’ll see how it works out!

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