Monday, August 31, 2009

Amy Stroup

Sometimes I get a craving for new music. Well, let me rephrase that, I always have a craving for new music but sometimes I let myself loose on iTunes and Amazon buying anything that strikes my fancy. This week’s artist is a discovery from my last music rampage. Amy Stroup grew up in Texas and knew she wanted to do music right out of high school. When her parents asked her if she wanted help buying a guitar or a car she without hesitation chose the guitar. Her mom took her to Dallas where she picked out a Taylor guitar (she chose well) and began writing her own music.

Amy now resides in Nashville, TN where all the talented folk go to try and make it big (it’s not called Music City for nothing). She seems to be having some success as she is in the middle of her fourth independent release. The Other Side Of Love is a four part release, Session One is available now on iTunes and Sessions Two through Four will be available over the next few months. Check out Session One on the playlist below.

Amy has a little country flare to her music but that is not the genre she restricts herself to. Amy writes her own songs about love, loss, life and the usual with a little spiritual reflection as well. Her first album Solidity, released in 2003 and Here I Am released the following year are spiritually themed albums with songs about her relationship with and faith in God. Her third album Chasing Greenlights was released in 2007 and shows her trying out a new genre in pop still sticking to her spiritual roots. With the release of The Other Side Of Love: Session One Amy seems to be on the love boat. Maybe she has fallen in love? We’ll see with the release of the next three sessions.


sharon said...

i've known amy since her days in texas, so i've seen firsthand how hard she has worked to get to where she is. and i don't see her stopping anytime soon! she is a true artist indeed.

Mary Young said...

That is so great to hear!! Thanks Sharon!