Monday, August 24, 2009


I had to do it. I have to feature one of my all time favorite bands even though they are not necessarily up and coming or unknown. Although I don't think they are as known as I believe they should be. MUTEMATH released their second album last Tuesday and it is all I have listened to since. I'm trying out the new player so click below to hear some of my favorite tracks from Armistice (I had a hard time picking just a few). You can also hear some tracks from their first album on the old player.

My first experience with MUTEMATH was hearing from coworkers about their appearance on Jimmy Kimmel. Something about playing the song backwards was all I heard but it didn’t make sense to me. Not until I watched the music video for “Typical” did I understand and was blown away by the skills it took to pull off what they did. MUTEMATH actually learned to play the song backwards then reversed it for the video so it played the right way but everything they did looked backwards. Not understanding what I’m talking about? Check out the video:

MUTEMATH was formed in 2003 coming out of New Orleans and released their first EP title Reset in 2004, which unfortunately is out of print. Several of the members were formally a part of the Christian band Earthsuit which disbanded shortly before MUTMATH was formed. Warner Bros. Records released their self-titled full-length album in 2006. After the success of their track “Spotlight” which was featured in the Twilight soundtrack they released their sophomore album last week, titled Armistice. The band toiled and nearly quit when trying to make this record. They had quite a few songs written but they weren’t happy with any of them and couldn’t agree on what to do. With the help of a new producer they decided to scrap those songs and write all new ones. They took all that frustration and put it into writing new songs for the album and apparently that worked out because the new album is amazing. Thank goodness they didn’t call it quits!

MUTEMATH has quickly become one of my top five favorite bands not to mention they are some of the nicest guys out there. Every one I know who has spent time with them has come away saying, “Man, those guys are awesome,” which makes me want to promote their music even more. They also play the keytar so, enough said there. Their live performances are worth watching as well. Flipping over their instruments, and moving about the stage, switching instruments like a bunch of 5 year olds but somehow they magically make it work and it ends up sounding amazing.

I hope you enjoy this week’s featured band. Enjoy their music and feel free to leave your comments on what you think. To learn more about the band and the process they went through to record Armistice check out their website.

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