Monday, June 15, 2009


We finally have our first band featured here on Monday Musicology and I think this band is a great transition from the singer/songwriter genre that all our previous features belong to. Atlantic Record’s Needtobreathe has become one of my favorite new bands. I first heard their song “More Time” on the P.S. I love You soundtrack and found myself adding in three part harmonies every time it played on my iPod. After realizing that I really liked the track from the soundtrack I researched the band and purchased their recent album, The Heat.

The Heat is the second album for Needtobreathe band members Bear and Bo Rineheart, Seth Bolt and Joe Stillwell soon to have their third album The Outsiders to be released this August. Their first album, Daylight was released to 2006 and has some great tracks that are worth checking out.

Bear and Bo are brothers raised in Possum Kingdom, South Carolina as sons of a local pastor there. Now that may sound pretty honky to some of you but you wouldn’t know it listening to their music. There is no washboard or harmonica, just some good American rock. They also place a lot of importance in what they write and the music they produce. Here’s what Bear has to say about their music,

“There are moments in music—maybe it’s a whole song, sometimes it’s just a portion—that when you hear it, it just breaks you down. We really wanted to get those kinds of moments on this record. We wanted this record to hit people in a really strong way.”

Music is huge in my life and for many others and it affects us emotionally. There is music that affects our youth and us in a bad way and then there is music that encourages us through a dark or rough time in our lives. That encouraging music that touches me on an emotional level is one of the things that makes me love music so much. I’m loving their current album and I eagerly await for the new release in just a couple months. I hope you all liked it to this week.

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