Monday, June 29, 2009

Katie Hercig

This week’s artist is a discovery from Brite Revolution, a great website where you can download exclusive music and help charities at the same time. Katie Herzig is one of Brite’s contributing artists, adding new music each month that you can’t get anywhere else. The songs Herzig has put up on Brite are some of my favorite tracks that she has done so I would encourage you all to check it out.

Katie Herzig is a Colorado native who moved to Nashville in 2006 to pursue a solo career. Herzig was the lead singer for her Colorado band Newcomers Home until they broke up and she took that as a sign to go solo. She started as the drummer of Newcomers Home due to her stage fright but eventually conquered that fear and became their lead singer.

Before she moved to Nashville Herzig recorded her album Weightless which she did as a do-it-yourself project. Several tracks from that album were featured on the hit show Grey’s Anatomy. Her recent album Apple Tree was made available digitally in 2008 and now on CD this past April. Several songs from Apple Tree have been featured in past months on One Tree Hill, Lipstick Jungle, and Ghost Whisperer and Sex and the City the Movie Soundtrack. Herzig will also have a song in the upcoming film, My Sister's Keeper.

Herzig’s music has a feel good quality to it and is perfect for a lazy summer time soundtrack. She also plays a Taylor guitar (my guitar of choice as well) so she is OK in my book. Check out Katie’s music on iTunes or any of the useful links below! Hope you enjoy!


Valery said...

listening now and looooving!

Allegra said...

You pick all my favorite artists. :)