Monday, July 12, 2010

Daniel Ellsworth & The Great Lakes

Well, we are back after a much needed break! It was a little impromptu but hopefully you didn’t miss me too much. It’s great to come back with a great new artist out of Nashville. Daniel Ellsworth brings to the table a jazz performance degree from Belmont University in Nashville as well as classical piano training under his belt. Daniel along with his band The Great Lakes are making some great music with some 70s vibes as well as Daniel’s jazz background with a little folk and pop thrown in.

Daniel’s first release, Between the Sea & The Sun, was a solo album put out in 2006 that features his jazz influenced piano playing. Two years later he was joined by the Great Lakes to release their self-titled album. The album starts off with the track “Electric In Love” which is a fun upbeat love song with one of my favorite lines in a song, “take off your make up because I like what your made of.” What girl doesn’t want to hear that? Daniel comes from a highly musical family where everyone came together singing and playing their instruments on holidays so it may be no surprise to them that Daniel would pursue a career in music.

Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes are working with Brite Revolution and support the Blood: Water Mission which is an organization started by the band Jars of Clay to help fight the AIDS/HIV and water crisis in Africa. If you join Brite Revolution, which you should because its free, you can get some great tracks from Daniel as well as a ton of other great artists and help support some amazing charities. Of course if you like tracks one and three in our player, those were Brite exclusives so join people, join! Hopefully you are enjoying his music and if you liked to purchase the recent album your can get it for$6.93 on iTunes and

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s feature! Be sure to leave your comments below and share the music with your friends if you like it.

Photo 1 - Justin Wright Photography
Photo 3 - Photography by Adam Gatchel

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Music Twin! I love it! :) Consider these songs purchased this afternoon!

Therese said...

Great pick - great music- love it. thanks mary