Monday, May 10, 2010

Molly Jenson

Most of the artists featured on MMM have only been in my music library for at most two years. This week’s artist, however, has been on my radar for the last twelve years. My history with Molly Jenson goes all the way back to the summer after freshman year of high school at Hume Lake Christian Camps. Molly was the back up vocalist for the worship band Everybodyduck and all of us girls were in total awe of her. She was beautiful, had an amazing voice and we all wanted to be just like her when we grew up. Her powerful vocals and harmonies are what inspired my own singing and I learned to harmonize by singing along with her on the band’s album. Years have passed since those summers at Hume but I never forgot Molly. When I heard she was releasing her own album last year I was pretty excited and am even more thrilled to share Molly’s music with you today.

Molly Jenson is a San Diego native who didn’t plan on pursuing a career as a singer/songwriter. It came about when Greg Laswell, not only a singer/songwriter himself but one of my absolute favorites, offered to co-write and produce Molly’s first album. That album, Maybe Tomorrow, was released in March of 2009. The album also features a duet with Jon Foreman, lead singer of Switchfoot, on the track, “Do You Only Love The Ones Who Look Like You.” Not only has Molly been signed to Bully!Pulpit/Nettwerk Music Group but she is also working on a second album with Greg Laswell producing again. Laswell has been a featured here on MMM and he just released his new album last Tuesday. You can preview the whole album on his website and I am purchasing it tonight!

Back to Molly, who has not only made waves in Japan and London with her music but is taking her tour away from the west coast and conquering the rest of the U.S. soon. She’ll be performing at the Lilith Fair in Arizona this summer as well. There is no date set yet on the release of the new album but I can only anticipate good things from it. You can find her album for download on and iTunes.

I hope you have enjoyed this little walk I took down memory lane to bring you an artist worth hearing. Check out more on Molly on her website, Myspace and Twitter.  

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Photo 1 by Christian Rios Photography
Photo 3 by Joseph Llanes
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Krystal Celeste said...

I enjoyed reading this! I've been a fan of Molly's for a couple years now, her music is incredible. I remember Everybodyduck, I didn't know their music too well but I've heard a few songs. My favorite Molly song is definitely "Do You Only Love The Ones Who Look Like You". Her and Jon sound so good together! Have you heard the song she sang with Jon on his "Spring" ep entitled "March"? It's really good.

Thanks for commenting on my blog Mary, and for the follow! I apperciate it. :)

Jennifer Prentice said...

I'm fairly positive that she is one of my favorites you've posted so far. I love her voice! Sort of a Sara Bareilles meets Missy Higgins meets Sheryl Crow vibe... Love it!

molly said...

well miss mary, you are a doll! my friend zack hite told me about your blog :) thanks for featuring me. let me know the next time you want to come to a show and i'll put you on the list.

love to you!
molly j.

Beth said...

ummm...the comment above is awesome...and so is the music.

SO cool what you're doing Mary.