Monday, May 31, 2010

It's A Holiday/New Playlist/Giveaway!

Since today is a holiday I thought I should take the day off. I contemplated not posting for the day since I'm out of town visiting my favorite little town on the Central Coast of California.  Still I couldn't resist posting something. So instead of featuring a new artist I decided to give you a playlist of some songs I currently can not get enough of. I tried to pick ones that haven't been featured here so you all can still get your new music fix.

Now for the good part... A GIVEAWAY!!! I realized that its been a while since I've had one so here you go! However, this giveaway requires a little bit of creativity on your part. I am looking to change the name of my blog in the near future from Mary's Monday Musicology and get myself a url address that doesn't have .blogspot in it so it looks a little more professional. I would love something that could be like a brand name but without my actual name. I'm looking to turn this into a more than once a week blog. Possible even my own business someday. Who knows, but I need a good name to start it off!

If you would like to help out and be entered to win a $15 giftcard for iTunes leave a comment below with your suggestions. Couple things to note:

1. You must be a follower of this blog to enter
2. You can post as many name ideas as you want.

My favorite name will win the gift card!!


Anonymous said...

First off, thank you for the great contest! :). As long as you enjoy sticking with the "M" and "music" theme, here are a few suggestions.

Maestro Mary's Musicology.
Mary's Musical Medley.
Musical Movements.
Minuet Musicology.

Just a few. Thanks for the opportunity, and I hope you enjoy your Memorial Day.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, Mary's brand? I will pray that God gives you inspiration, through someone else - or directly :)
Before (if)I give ideas I need to know more about who you want to be for people through this medium.
I'll visit more often to see if I can sense your unique style and brand. <3<3 Love your music, and wonder why I don't stop more often :)

Maria said...

i'm a follower!

Maria said...

"newTunes" or
"music mondays"

Taylor said...

i'm gonna be thinking about this one quite a bit...

SavvyD said...
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Diana Diaz said...

I think Mary's Monday Musicology is a great name for your series either that or just Mary's Musicology. You are writing from your personal perspective and it seems to fit that. People have gone with anything from to the French for music blogs. Of course, Pitchfork Media is far beyond a personal blog. I get a kick out of what some personal bloggers have done like there is a guy in Brooklyn who videos his favorite artists in his basement for his "Juan's Basement" series. There's also Stereogum, LittleRadio, and Quarterlife Crisis, and then there's (like Juan's Basement) or LaBlogotheque.

So really, it's not your name so much as actually making it work that counts. But keeping it personal might really work for you cause you're nice and you're even gansta. said...

That's what I've got for now :)
And, I love Captivated by Shawn McDonald :)

Jennifer Prentice said...

I have been thinking about this and will continue to do so over the weekend...I dont think this qualifies me for the giveaway YET, so I will be posting again with an idea! =) said...

the tune bar
mode of musication
...still trying.... said...

Ear Coffee/Ear Buzz/DrumBuds ~ A Fresh Buzz for your Ear Drums on Your Static Monday Mornings.

Mr. Willis said...

Definitely Open Mic Artists... That is surely the coolest name out there.

Anonymous said...

A few ideas...

Seconds to Sounds
Moments for Music
Crowded In Silence
Music Letters of the Heart
Falling In Music
Modern Musicology
Wishing In Notes
In the Bright Lights
The Sounds of Warmth

Best of Luck in your search!