Monday, April 5, 2010


It is a mark of a great artist and/or album when you have a hard time picking your favorite track. I suppose it’s a nice problem to have but when you have to choose just three tracks to share with everyone it can be problematic. That was the problem I had this week with featured artist Fink. It can be a rarity to love every track on an album and the wonderful thing about buying digitally is that you can only buy the songs you like as opposed to the full album with physical discs. How many have had a CD playing in your car and after a while you start skipping certain songs and listening to your favorites over and over. In this case though if you are enjoying Fink so far then I highly recommend purchasing his album Distance and Time in it entirety. It was the first album I bought and is still my favorite.

Fink’s music has this strange power over me. Every time it’s playing I can’t seem to resist closing my eyes and swaying my head to the music. Can’t you just picture yourself listening to this with a glass of wine or maybe some hot tea in your hand just detoxing from a long day at work? Fink’s music wasn’t always like this. Another international artist, Fink hails from Bristol, England and got his start as a DJ and electronica artist. It’s hard to imagine that hearing him now but his change to singer/songwriter is what propelled his career as a performer. Fink, who’s real name is Fin Greenall, comes from a musical family where his father was a folk musician and his mother a music manager. In addition to creating his own music he also uses his remixing and song writing skills to work with artists such as John Legend and Amy Winehouse.

After releasing his first electronica album in 2001 it was five years before he became his label’s first singer/songwriter with the release of Biscuits for Breakfast in 2006. In 2007 he released my favorite album Distance and Time followed by Sort of Revolution in 2009. You can download the bonus track “Naked For Life” from that album for free for a limited time. Make sure to check the Free Music Downloads tab for instructions. Fink’s track, “This Is The Thing” can be found on the soundtrack for the film Dear John.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s featured artist. Fink’s music is absolutely the perfect soundtrack when you want to mellow out on the couch or cuddle up with your favorite someone or family dog in my case… Enjoy! Please leave your comments below and let me know what you think.

Photo 1 - Nicolas Dartialh
Photo 2 - Anja Haering
Photo 3 - Nikolas Ernult


Jenn said...

Now that you've said the thing about bobbing your head, I can totally see MYSELF doing the same thing! Very cool artist choice, Mary. Very chill. Like it!

Therese said...

This music just made me cry..... good thinking music.