Monday, February 1, 2010

Mindy Smith

What a week it has been. Since last Monday there have been several life changing events in the lives of those closest to me. This week I chose an artist who’s songs touched me and will now forever remind me of the what has happened this last week. Music is so important and purposeful to me and it seems only right for me to dedicate music to these moments. I have chosen the artist Mindy Smith and her beautiful music to share with all you. While Mindy has been around since 2003 her music is still relatively unknown to many. I first heard her track “Come To Jesus” at church, sung by one of our talented vocalist. I immediately fell in love with its old folk sound and looked into Mindy further. Not only is this posting very special to me but my music soul mate, Allegra, actually sent me an email on Saturday asking if I had heard of Mindy Smith because she thought I would like her!

It is that track, “Come To Jesus” that marks the first great moment of this week. On Friday my best friend, who is the closest thing to a sister I have, gave birth to her first child, Jackson Gregory. I drove up Thursday night to be there for her last minute c-section and waited with all the family and friends for baby Jack to be born. He has finally arrived and is absolutely perfect in every way. I am such a proud auntie and this song reminds me of how much we all pray for safety, protection and comfort for this little miracle and the comfort of the Lord in the many years ahead of him. Love and miss you Jack! Also my coworker and his wife gave birth to a beautiful baby boy on Saturday. The full moon was working hard!

The second life changing event of this last week is the engagement of one of my dearest and closest friends. After spending a month in Switzerland with her man she game back with a gorgeous vintage ring on her finger. For her and her love I picked Mindy’s song, “True Love of Mine.” This is a beautiful duet (I LOVE male/female duets!) and would be absolutely perfect for a first dance. Congratulations dear friend! I can’t wait for all that is to come!

Mindy Smith is a singer/songwriter from Long Island, New York who was put on the map after she was asked to sing one of my all time favorite songs, “Jolene” for the Dolly Parton tribute album in 2003. Dolly even joined in the recording during the last part of the track in a moment I can only describe as pure bliss for me. Just listen and see. Mindy released her first album in 2004 titled, One Moment More which includes “Jolene” and “Come To Jesus.” Since her debut album Mindy has released two other full-length albums and one Christmas album in which she wrote 6 original Christmas songs - something rarely done these days. Her recent album, Stupid Love was released last year after a two year break in which she wrote the songs for the album only when she felt inspired. As a result she released a great album with songs you can truly relate your biggest life moment to as I have.

Mindy Smith is a wonderful blend of all my favorite genres. A little, folk, country, bluegrass and pop to create a sound that is truly wonderful. Mindy has also had several of her tracks featured on the shows, "Grey's Anatomy," "Smallville," "Six Feet Under", and "So You Think You Can Dance." Also, you can download Stupid Love on for only $5!

I hope you enjoy this week’s featured artist and thank you for letting me share a little of my life with you all.

Would love to have your thoughts and comments!

4 comments: said...

LOVE this post!! ADORE hearing your heart :)

Jennifer Lynn said...

I agree with everything Allegra said. It is a joy to hear how music touches you and let's you experience life more deeply and meaningfully.

Farmgirl Paints said...

Music is so powerful. I love how it marks events in our lives. I can listen to certain songs and be completely transformed to a different time, place, day etc... I love it. Thank you for featuring Mindy Smith. I love her sweet voice.

Stephanie said...

Love this! I just found your blog and I'm always looking for new music. This is great! Thanks :)