Monday, February 22, 2010

Angus & Julia Stone

People have been asking me quite often lately how I find the artists featured on this blog. I don’t really have a simple answer for that as it comes from a myriad of sources. One, a favorite indeed, is through’s daily deals. Every day they have a new album priced incredibly low, often as little as $1.99!! Angus & Julia Stone was one of the many great discoveries through Amazon. This brother/sister duo released their first album, A Book Like This, in 2007 and I quickly purchased this amazing daily deal.

Angus & Julia hail from Newport, Australia just north of Sydney. Being half Australian myself I’m excited to post my first Aussie feature! The pair was pursuing solo careers while backing for each other until 2006 when they decided to work together. The two still write their own songs then pull them together resulting in a different feel, style and emotion throughout the album. After two years of touring for A Book Like This they have recorded their second album, Down The Way, to be released March 30th in the U.S. During that time Angus also released a solo album, Smoking Gun, in April 2009 under the name Lady of the Sunshine.

The new album due next month was self-produced by the siblings and recorded all over the world from a studio in Brooklyn, NY to an old sawmill in Cornwall, England to a water tank in Coolangatta, Australia. Intrigued? I know I am!

Australian and UK tour dates have been set but they have not released U.S. dates yet. Seeing Angus & Julia live is definitely on my list of must-sees. While searching through photos I found live tour shots where Julia is playing the guitar, bass, keyboard and trumpet. Yes, a trumpet.

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s featured duo! Please leave your comments on what you think as I love to hear from all of you. Also, make sure to check back later this week, as I will be posting my first exclusive artist interview!! I’m so very excited I might have to do a little dance.

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♥ how mellow the music is. very relaxing. makes me want to sit outside and drink a glass of wine and eat fine cheese ;)