Monday, October 26, 2009

Haley Bonar

There isn’t too much information on this week’s featured artist Haley Bonar. I found her while listening to Pandora Radio at work and took note when I heard “Big Star” come on. I quickly wrote down her name and promised to look into her more.

What I do know about Haley is that she is a 25-year-old pop folk singer/songwriter from South Dakota who now resides in Minnesota. She plays a 1957 acoustic Guild guitar, which makes me happy as I have a 1962 acoustic Guild I call “Ole Willie”. Bonar is signed to Afternoon Records, an independent record label based in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

If you are enjoying Haley Bonar’s music and would like to purchase it then here is how you do it. Some of her early releases are available on iTunes but her recent album Big Star is only available from the store on Afternoon Records’ website. You can still sample 30-second clips on iTunes as well.

To buy:

You will need a paypal account in order to pay for your purchase

Find Haley Bonar in the list and you can choose to download her MP3 album ($8.99), purchase and actual CD or if you are really cool, a vinyl.

Once you have made your purchase just sit back and wait a few minutes and don’t start freaking out like I did wondering how to get the music after you’ve paid. You will receive an email from AR with a link and codes to download a zip of the album. Just add it into your iTunes or player of choice and bam!! You’ve got yourself some new music.

Hope you enjoyed this weeks feature artist! I love comments so let me know what you think.

*Spoiler* Next week we just might have a CD giveaway! Yeahy!!

3 comments: said...

If Veronica Mars were still on (sad) I feel like she would have been an instant choice for their music selections!

Ali said...

Oh, I just love her voice! You know her voice reminds me of Sheryl Crow. This is perfect for the rainy day we are having over here! Happy Monday to you!

Jennifer Lynn said...

I am going to tout your blog on every #musicmonday on Twitter from now on...I am loving all the new music you are helping me discover! Hope you are doing well!