Sunday, April 26, 2009

Kate Havnevik

As an introduction to this week’s artist I have to give a little history behind my quest for new and unique music. When the show Grey’s Anatomy first started I became addicted to it along with most of my girlfriends. Along with the drama and romance in the show I also fell in love with the music. Almost every episode I would hear a song and would run to my computer at the end to find out what the song was. It was usually an unknown artist, many of which gained a new following of fans due to the show. I wanted to know who was behind finding this great new music, which is why I want to give credit to Alexandra Patsavas, the music supervisor for Grey’s and many other shows. She inspired me to explore more music and expand my music collection.

If you are a Grey’s Anatomy fan then you will most likely recognize this first song by our second feature artist, Kate Havnevik. Several seasons ago Kate’s song “Grace” was featured as the soundtrack for a very intense moment between the show’s main characters. After that episode the show’s fans, including myself, flocked to Havnevik’s myspace hoping that we could hear “Grace” again and she posted it especially for all of us messaging her to do so.

Havnevik is a singer and songwriter from Norway which is where I had to go to buy her debut album Melankton (online, not in person) before it became available in the U.S. Havnevik grew up wanting to be a classical and jazz musician like her parents until she joined a female punk band at 14 which widened her musical horizon and she began to mix her classical style with electronica.

Her music has a soothing melodic quality with the edge of electronica to make it unique. But what is really unique about Havnevik is that she is not sticking to one formula. She is working on several new albums including an acoustic album which you can get a sample of with her new single “ So:Lo”.

Look out for her new acoustic album, Embla. The release date is yet unannounced. If you like her track “Grace” you can only buy it with the Grey’s Anatomy Season 2 soundtrack.

I hope you enjoyed my second installment of Mary’s Monday Musicology. My goal is to feature a wide variety of musical types to appeal to all your musical tastes but I’m sure you’ll get a feel for mine after a while. Remember, I would love to hear your favorite artists that are under the radar and you can even write your own blurb about the artist or song and be one of our midweek features! Also please leave your comments on what you think of the music and what music means to you.

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Cheryl said...

I liked the music from Grey's too - if I recall they also had a lot of music in the fist season from the Ditty Bops - who are also very good and under the radar. I like today's artist, she reminds me a little of Bjork.