Monday, April 20, 2009

Brendan James

I am very excited to start off this new music blog with one of my favorite new artists. There are very few albums that I love every single track and this debut album from Brendan James is now one of them. Brendan released The Day Is Brave last spring showing that he has an amazing talent in the singer/songwriter category. I discovered his music while scoping out John Mayer’s website and started checking out the artists who would be joining John (yes, John and I are on a first name basis now…) on his John Mayer Cruise. After hearing just the 30 second snippet on iTunes I knew I would have to buy the whole album. If butter could sing it would sound like Brendan James. His voice mesmerizes me (he is pretty easy on the eyes as well, tehehe) and I hope some of you have the same affect.

Brendan James did not start pursuing a career in music until college when a music instructor heard him sing at a memorial service and told him, “I can’t get your voice out of my head.” The instructor encouraged Brendan to learn an instrument (he chose the piano) and to write his own songs. Brendan’s songs are very personal and usually about his own life experiences. Each song tells a story like my second favorite track on the album, “Green” which is about an ex-girlfriend who had a troubled family life and always wore something green from the store they both worked at. My favorite track from the album is “Early April Morning” which I decided not to include on the page to give you all incentive to look into him more and buy his album! And if you are in California he has several shows coming up including my old stomping ground San Luis Obispo at Downtown Brewery on May 7th and at my new stomping ground performing at The Roxy May 3rd (you know I’ll be there!). He has a bunch more shows you can check out on his webpage.

I truly hope you enjoy my first installment of Mary’s Monday Musicology and remember, I would love to hear your favorite artists that are under the radar and you can even write your own blurb about the artist or song and be one of our midweek features! Also please leave your comments on what you think of the music and what music means to you.


Corey said...

Nice work, Mar! I look forward to getting some of your insider information on a weekly basis. Great first post...kinda reminds me of Jamie Cullum a bit, but smoother!

Cheryl said...

Oh yeah, I like this one - good pick and thanks for sharing!