Friday, July 19, 2013

Ivan & Alyosha - "Be Your Man" Music Video

We all know Seattle has a big music scene and was especially popular during the 90s with grunge music. Legend has it record executives were dropping label contracts out of planes over Seattle to any band with plaid shirts and long hair. Ivan & Alyosha on the other hand shows the lighter and happier side of Seattle. This folk rock band has been a favorite of mine since they were giving away their EP for free on They now have a new LP and a new music video for "Be Your Man." This would be my favorite track of Ivan & Alyosha if they didn't sing about California and its many wildfires in their song "Everything Is Burning." I've lived through wildfires raging through my back yard yet I love this state so very much so how could I not love the lyrics, "Why is it every time I come to California its on fire? This is where we should fall in love. There's something in the water."

This new video is so charming and I can't get enough of the bored cheerleaders. Enjoy!

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