Thursday, March 22, 2012

Lucy Rose

Unintentionally the next three or four artists that will be featured here are all from the UK. Something is in the water in England and I like it.

Our first British talent is Lucy Rose from Warwickshire at age 23. She is beginning her solo career after contributing vocals on two Bombay Bicycle Club albums. Lucy never played anyone her music until she left home to go to college and decided to pursue music rather then attend school. 

 Lucy has only released three singles that will leave you wanting more but you can hear quite a few more live tracks on youtube. Each of her singles is its own break up anthem. Who hurt you Lucy? Jerk. She has begun recording her full-length album this year at her parents’ home. Lets hope it makes its way to the U.S. for release soon as well as some live shows!

Middle of the Bed Scar Red Face (Live)

For more Lucy Rose music check out my playlist here


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