Friday, January 13, 2012

Marc Scibilia

There are those days when I get caught down the rabbit hole of new music. Its not even clear how I get there but eventually I stumble across a new artist that really takes me. Today I was in the youtube related videos rabbit hole and stumbled across Marc Scibilia and this video.

*Note at 2:38 when I'm pretty sure his dog passes gas and Marc can't stop laughing.

Are you swooning yet? I know I am... The Johnny Cash influence can definitely be heard in this native of Buffalo, New York who moved to Nashville right after high school knowing music was his calling. At this moment a few Youtube videos are all you will get of Marc but he has an EP coming out early this year and you can hear him on Andrew Greer's album coming out January 31st.

I have a feeling he will be exploding shortly so jump on the Marc wagon before it gets too full.

For more on Marc check out these links:


Michelle said...

Love it, Mary! Thanks!

Adele said...

ooohhhh! loving his songs! thanks for this post. :)