Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mutemath's new single Odd Soul!

Mutemath is one of my top 5 favorite bands. I also think they are one of the top 5 underrated bands as well. Finally a few weeks ago I was able to see them live for the first time and I was thoroughly impressed. They played almost all new songs and put on a great show. The drummer has to tape his headphones to his head so they don't fly off while he is playing. That's when you know you are doing it right.

I got the courage to go up to Paul Meany, the lead singer, and tell him how much I loved their music. I always feel like a music nerd doing that but it had to be done. They needed to know. Paul was so nice. I actually forgot to say my name when I introduced myself and so he asked me and asked us all questions about ourselves. They have a new album coming out titled Odd Soul in the next month or two and I can tell you that its going to be one of their best. So far the two singles included the title track Odd Soul have been released and I am loving them. Check out the music video below!

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