Wednesday, June 8, 2011

City And Colour's New Album!

Yesterday City and Colour (aka Dallas Green) released his new album Little Hell and much to my chagrin I have not had time to buy it yet. Its my first on my to do list when I get home tonight from work even before exercise and laundry (those are not hard for me to reprioritize...). In the meantime I've been listening to his new single Fragile Bird with its intriguing and racy music video about a girl having nightmares about her days working in a brothel. So for those of you who have been awaiting its release or maybe have never heard City and Colour (now is the time people!) here are two tracks from the new album that are holding me over until tonight.

Fragile Bird by cityandcolour

Northern Wind by cityandcolour

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Jenn Prentice said...

I'm listening to old City and Colour stuff today and hoping to get the new album later this week. These two songs make me VERY excited about listening to the whole thing. Also- I think you should know that I'm fairly certain that almost every artist I've added to my music collection the past year has been from one of your recommendations. XOXO