Monday, September 28, 2009

Joy Williams

If you have been following this music blog then this week’s artist will be familiar. If you haven’t then shame on you! There is some good stuff here! Back in May I did a feature on John Paul White, which turned into a double feature as I discovered his new duo The Civil Wars with Joy Williams. I quickly fell in love with the duo and knew the name Joy Williams sounded very familiar to me. After doing some research on Williams I came upon some surprising information. This was the same Joy Williams who was once blond and released purely Christian albums! Now she is brunette and fully emerged in the pop folk and singer/songwriter world of Nashville. The transformation was so different that I only recognized her name! I remember her hit tracks that played on Christian radio and I was never really struck by them but now I cannot get enough of her music. If I really wanted to pursue being a solo artist the new Joy Williams is the type of artist I would want to be. Her music is moving, her style is vintage bohemian and all around wonderful. Can you tell I’m a huge fan? She has quickly become one of my top five favorite artists and I cannot get enough of her music on Brite Revolution. You all know how much I love Brite.

There isn’t much information on Williams online but I was lucky enough to find a bio on the Brite Revolution site. She is currently 26 years old and has been involved in music and touring for a decade. She signed with Sony/BMG at age 17 after turning down offers at age 14!! She has been nominated for quite a few Dove Awards. In 2005 she broke off from her label to try a new direction with her career. While I love some Christian music I feel that artist are often stifled and forced to adhere to a specific formula. I feel reaffirmed in my opinion hearing the difference in William’s music then and now.

I have a strong feeling that her music will be taking off very soon. Two of her tracks have been featured on Grey’s Anatomy, known for featuring new artist, including the very emotional season premiere. I was actually watching the premiere while doing my research on Williams and couldn’t believe it when I heard them play “Speaking A Dead Language” on the show. I’m pretty sure my jaw dropped. What are the odds?

Williams is currently touring with Ten Out Of Ten, which is a collaboration of ten amazing artist, several featured here, and a part of Brite Revolution. You can find several of William’s new EPs on iTunes as well as new music each month on Brite.

I hope you enjoyed learning a little about Joy William and hearing her music. If you like what you hear make sure you go purchase some her music or join Brite Revolution! You can see more on Joy's Myspace or check out her blog about her travels with Ten Out Of Ten. Also, if you want to check out her duo The Civil Wars there is a link on the side bar for their live album release.

Please feel free to leave comments and let me know what you think! Happy Monday!


Allegra said...

Ha! Joy Williams. I thought so!
Wow she DOES sound different. Very Ingrid and Emilie Mover esque. Like it a lot!!

Beth said...

I really like Joy Williams...and I love your blog :o)

Thanks so much for featuring LR too!

You're awesome :o)

koralee said...

Hey...I adore this idea of a music blog...thank you so much for leaving a comment on my blog because now I have found you! I am off to listen to a few tunes!

Lise said...

Holy buckets, as I was reading this entry I was like "why is Joy Williams so familiar..." I can't believe she's the same christian singer that I had in my itunes library for years! I'm definitely digging her new approach to music. Tres fabuloso.