Monday, July 27, 2009

Eric Hutchinson

Some music just has a happy sound to it. Music that puts you in a better mood or makes you feel like you are somewhere else all together, perhaps on a beach or snuggled up in front of fire. Eric Hutchinson’s music makes me feel like I should be driving in an old convertible down the Pacific Coast Highway along Malibu’s Zuma beach with my best friends. Wind in our hair and not a care in the world. While that picture has never been a reality this music takes me there.

Eric Hutchinson is a 28 year singer/song writer who livens up his music with his guitar and piano skills making a perfect combination of rock, pop, folk and soul. After some bad luck on Maverick Records when the label shut down Hutchinson decided to self-release his album, Sounds Like This. His luck turned around when the album made it to the Top 10 on the iTunes list after his high school friend emailed Hutchinson’s page to blogger Perez Hilton who then recommended it to all his readers. Aren’t friends the best? After his success on iTunes Warner Bros. Records picked up the album and rereleased it May of 2008.

The album’s single “Rock & Roll” is a favorite of mine as well as “Ok, It’s Alright With Me” which you’ll have to check out for yourself - I can’t make it that easy for you all ;) Hutchinson has already started writing songs for a new album and I can not wait. His style is very raw and real which is what Hutchinson was going for, “I tried really hard to keep it organic,” he says. “Music is human expression and what’s more human than to make a mistake? So to record something and then take out all the mistakes leaves the project with no soul to it.” Well Eric, if Sounds Like This is filled with mistakes I can only hope you will make many mistakes on the next album.

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s artist and are adding him to your summer soundtrack. Please share your thoughts, comments and music suggestions – I would love to hear them.


Allegra said...

Eric Hutchinson will always remind me of the K's :) I miss your face pretty musical mary!

Robert said...

I think I like this song more than any other I have heard. I'm happy